Thursday, June 2, 2016

Josh Greenly World Champion Fencer

Josh Greenly World Champion Fencer One might ask, “What activities does Josh Greenly engage in outside being president of all access tickets.” Well, this article will answer that question and much more. Josh Greenly enjoys sporting activities, and one of those activities he so enjoys is fencing. The game of fencing is a sport that keeps the brain active and helps us to improve our critical thinking skills. Some say smart people are naturally fencers, and others may liken fencing to chess. Josh greenly’s strategic planning and organizational skills at all access tickets can be well linked to the sport of fencing. He is such an excellent fencer and took up fencing as a sporting activity in high school. He was well known for winning three national fencing championships in high school. He says “I love the sport of fencing, not only because it is a one-man game, but because the sport is challenging and daring.” Even though he is well occupied with managerial affairs as president of all access tickets, Josh Greenly still makes out time to indulge in this much-loved sport. “Fencing is a great sport. High school and college students should be encouraged to take up the fencing sport” Josh Greenly says. Yeah right, I totally agree with him on that statement. Fencing is a great sport that has its history traced back to the Middle Ages and provides a host of benefits to those that engages in the activity. Josh Greenly obviously knows the benefits of this fascinating sport as he maintains a great physique by participating in fencing during his free time. “Fencing enhances body strength and improves speed and hand-eye coordination” he added. This statement can be seen in efficient and effective way Josh Greenly coordinates business transactions at all access tickets. He ensures customer’s tickets are delivered on time before each event and also, guarantees customers are treated with respect by sales ticket staffs. Josh Greenly is a goal getter, and he achieves whatever he sets his heart on doing. “The game of fencing makes me feel like a winner and makes me motivated for every task at my ticket agency.” Josh Greenly says. Josh Greenly as a teenager was an avid lover of fencing; he grew his passion in this sport by building one of the greatest fencing team in his community winning major fencing championships. While in college, Josh Greenly won two national fencing championships, although he gave his fencing career up to be a successful business guru. Josh Greenly advises both adults and youths to take fencing classes; as the sport opens you up to a world of sophistication and elegance. Josh Greenly says he has a collection of Celtic swords in his home and that he provides a unique place in his house for fencing with his friends. Josh Greenly says “fencing is much fun.” He further explained that fencing time is a great way to have a get-together and improve bonding between friends. He is truly a world fencing champion not just because he won fencing championships both in high school and college, but because he employs the strategies of fencing in his everyday life.

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