Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Josh Greenly Philanthropist

Josh Greenly Philanthropist
Josh Greenly has gained recognition in recent years through his philanthropic activities in various sectors, which include the educational sector, technological innovation sector and community development sector. As a leading philanthropist in the USA and even in the world as a whole, Josh Greenly has given millions of dollars towards the development of each sector mentioned above. He also donated a significant part of his earnings to charitable causes as he is a man with a big heart. “Philanthropy is part of me, from my interactions with men and women daily, I’ll say I am all about making lives better.” Josh Greenly.  Josh Greenly is an exceptional man to look out for as he is part of a campaign that encourages wealthy people to give half their wealth to philanthropic causes. Josh Greenly recently launched a well-acclaimed initiative, which focuses on building a stronger and better customer relations, where customers are provided the best services for their patronage.
In 2011, Josh Greenly made his first move towards philanthropy when he announced through his Twitter page that he was donating 10 million dollars to the New York and Los Angeles public school system. He says his desire is to improve the quality of education in schools in the USA by contributing his quota to the society.
Back in 2010, josh greenly made an impact in technological development by donating an undisclosed sum of money to Spora, a project that would improve the sales of online tickets. So customers can trust the efficiency of ticket agencies to deliver their tickets promptly and accurately.  It is an ongoing project which inspires other entrepreneurs to get involved and support the project.
Josh Greenly claims this project is designed with the intention of making ticket agencies like all access tickets provide the best service to clients. When asked why he donated to spora on Kickstarter, Josh Greenly said he was motivated because he sees a need to address complaints concerning delivery issues by customers.
Josh Greenly recently won a lifetime award, which is only given to young breakthrough philanthropist that has made great impact in just a short time to the society. The Prize rewards entrepreneurs with a $4million grant for the development of new interfaces for business transactions.
In health care, Through the Greenly Hills Foundation, Josh recently gave $70 million to Los Angeles County Medical Center, $30 million to the Centers for Disease Control. As well, $10 million recently went to Beverly Hospital. The Greenly Hills Foundation owned by Josh Greenly also made a $20 million donation to combat the Ebola epidemic in 2014. One of the interesting areas of the Greenly Hills Foundation is on “fighting diseases.” Josh wrote that “most people died from five conditions — heart disease, cancer, stroke, neurodegenerative and transmitted diseases — and we can make lasting progress on these and other issues.”
Josh Greenly is also very interested in global development and in addition to the health-related support; Josh Greenly’s Foundation also supports businesses that aid agricultural development in developing countries to improve sustainable production, distribution, and sales of agricultural products.

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